BBL Election Program: Vision for Change

A society driven by human values with durability, inclusiveness and diversity as undisputed main pillars is what BBL is going for. Where it is a given that everybody is enabled to contribute in their own way and that they are acknowledged and rewarded for adding personal value to the community.

BBL is in favor of a basic income, which will create space for people to leave the rat race behind and discover in what more ways they might be able to participate in the process of co-creating a healthy society.

BBL is, among other things, committed to address environmental issues like air pollution and the need for more green area’s in our city.

Furthermore, BBL is a political movement with an open structure which anticipates as a strong, dynamic collective to all the issues that might come to the surface, during these times of rapid change in which we are living. However, we will always (re)act according to the 5 core values.

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